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Rescue Safety Consulting provides Training for: Technical Rope Rescue, Confined Space (for entry’s and for Rescue), Tower Rescue, Fall Protection, CPR/First Aid/AED, Tactical Entry, and other types of Specialized Rescue training. This training is provided for the Fire Service, Police Departments, Military, National Parks, and all types of industries.


Rescue Safety Consulting provides consulting services for all Site Safety needs. We can help you identify confined spaces and permit required confined spaces (PRCS) at your facility and develop detailed written rescue plans/SOP’s for each of your PRCS’s and atmospheric monitor training.

Rescue Safety Consulting can evaluate your in-house rescue team or your outside rescue service to ensure that they are capable and properly equipped to provide entry and non-entry rescue services at your facility as per OSHA 29 CFR 1910 and NFPA standards.


Rescue Safety Consulting can set up a mock scenario at your location that is representative of the spaces you have on site and evaluate your current rescue service. We can also review their certifications and training documents to insure they are up to date and meet all the required standards. We can also inspect their equipment to ensure that it meet all of the applicable standards and have the required documentation.

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